Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Tell me what have we done, my dark one,
as the moon rises up to swallow the sun,
as we creep through the shadows of time and space,
longing for the warmth of that forbidden place.

I can hear you breathing, smell your breath,
it smells of decay; could the smell be death?,
your soul passes through me, just like a ghost,
as you creep up behind me, the one you crave the most.

I can feel you now, beneath my skin,
all prickly and shivery, it feels like sin,
your lust engulfs me, makes me weak,
as you drain my power, you were destined to seek.

Suddenly I feel you steal away with my soul,
never again shall I be whole,
I should have known, right from the start,
I'm a slave to your lust, a prisoner of your heart.

by David Byron

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