Monday, October 01, 2007

Ready to Go

I’m a big fan
of the flop between
limbo states of mind
knowing I cannot promise
anything of myself
I ask only for this
one night to fill my mind
with eternal passion
just let me feel
your flesh on my lips
I’m dying to taste
your breath in my mouth again
but I’m too dirty and diseased
rough and fraying at the edges
unacceptable countenance
plaster on a pound of makeup
and stick me in bar lighting
smoke and warping mirrors
smile back a lovely complexion
it’s all shallow
but I know
that I am unlike
any girl you’ll ever meet
if you had the time
I think you’d be pleased
with such a surprise
but you would rather
play dungeon master
than taste me
should have been more clear
with my universal request
because I know
it’s never enough
always left wanting
enough is never enough
entirety even less
I’d ask for more
while drinking you in
leftover textures
trying to find
some peace inside
this tumultuous storm
throwing sailors overboard
greedily asking
for more

by Kate Green

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