Sunday, September 30, 2007

world peace

sexy naked young man -- whose 10-inches-long-when-erect penis
is perhaps the most shapely gorgeous
10-inches-long-when-erect penis
in the entire world --
lies there on his back in his bed
and his shapely gorgeous 10-inches-long-when-erect penis
is in fact fully erect, and throbbing, too, and
all the
covers are thrown off of him
and so he's completely stark naked there, his
big gorgeous dick is fully erect, and he's dreaming:
and what he's dreaming is:
as the mohave spins and whirls,
his parakeet dies and he bursts into tears.
his parakeet is yellowy-blue, and
it looks incredibly small and
frail lying there
in the middle of a pile of
scorched palm fronds.
he bends down and takes a closer
look, and the robe that
he is wearing parts away
from his chest, revealing
his smooth handsome chest
and the fully erect jut of his
shapely gorgeous 10-inches-long-when-erect penis
and he's standing there
with his robe parted
his dick
his bird dead
and in his dream he
starts spurting cum
and in real
he starts spurting cum
and he wakes up
lying on his back
spurting cum onto
his chest and belly
and some of it even goes
up onto his chin and
and he's troubled
by the images that
accompanied all this
cum-spurting, but
his dick is tingling
so nicely, and his
balls are tingling so
nicely, too -- and
as he lies there
spurting the rest of
that load, he wonders
about that dream, especially
the part about the parakeet --
he's never even had a parakeet
in his whole life,
but he did
decide to become a vegetarian
yesterday -- he wonders
at the possible relationship
of this recent decision to become a
to the tears he shed in that
dream for the dead
parakeet. he shrugs
and cleans himself up with
a soft fluffy towel, cotton,
made in india.

by Carl Miller Daniels

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Anonymous David McLean said...

this is quite brilliant, very conversational and laid back, very good message

3:44 PM  
Blogger greenlacewing said...


9:20 PM  
Blogger Jesse Archer said...

Love your depth and reach and yet still I mostly imagine being that towel, made in India.

4:37 PM  

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