Saturday, October 20, 2007

[ Dear Seperation Anxiety; I miss you dear. ] ( Haiku stanza's )

We will taste the purity
Lapping at your maturity
On platforms for Dreams

Peace in sacred seams
Heaven's Delight for dinner
Eat me out, sinner

I sense your secret
It thrills my pallets just fair
Tongue it on the air

Pluck it from the sun
Would dance with your skeleton
Juxtapose with me

And on this decree
You had doomed us from the start
Just how I crush hearts

I stand by your side
Laying in me to confide
I'll watch your love grow

As you'll never know
The beating tide in my eyes
Soft collision kiss

I taste whisper lies
Like I feel that hope will die
Let's come together

Birds of the feather
And we'll give it one last go
And look for soft glow

I'll ask one more time
Let's remove these masks and chime
Let's be true at last

Break from verbal fast
I'll take in your breath like smoke
Let's throat gun and choke

Cough out deepest thoughts
We'll find the things we've fought
I'm dying to know

Secrets of the hole
Let us diagnose your ill
What's your winter chill

by Nicholas Donahee

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this poem totally messes with my mind

1:03 PM  

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