Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Out of Place

your shallow response
showed levels of stupidity
you didn’t even
realize you had
the truest ignorance
paired with my own
disgust of no-reply
somewhere hidden
I know you’re thinking
of this terrible mistake
afraid of spending
days wasted in ecstasy
if only you had the strength
to not be a pussy
I’d let you in mine
take your fear
materialize it
to make you feel
the full weight
of your cowardice
then dismiss it
once you’ve taken hold
and put it in your mouth
my slate is clean
scrubbed it myself
exorcising demons
of my past
even when they can’t
leave well enough alone
I’ll take this ride
straight to the top
I never much liked
waiting at the bottom
the passive role’s
not one I’m always
willing to take
laying down

by Kate Green

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