Monday, March 03, 2008

I am a fly to a swatter carried along by the warm vent

Yer cunts r cunts – hanging on yer arms
paraded style slow so NOW
so fucking yesterday so fucking gone so
ur’ll look at they photos
gasp in horror AT THE FOOLS U LOOKD
But hey – a time a product placement
and a song (pipe fed from radio acceptable
wiv a handful of views) - Screw U’s

C u parading by, watched yer TV futball
bauble blank eyes seek mirrors
fractured by cultr so it’s written
Well, beamed in I sold them a cracked stone
I cud light her eyes all alone I’m sure
sheed cum alive for sex
like the vids we download, all these desperate,
scared women plopping cocks into their beaks
trying to look cool and sexy
but fear is evident behind the mask
of sperm
cunts dripping with a strangers secret(tion)

by Dave Migman

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