Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fuck Doll

Fuck doll for the night
holes in all the right places
a face, a mouth, a sex
gosh isn't this fun

When will the morning replace me?
do you think sunrise gives me respect
any more than you do
I fill the hole
I am a hole
guess what,
I'm not the only one

Do you feel my heart beat
it won't last long
numb fingers caress the flesh
that hangs on you
like an old cloth
you thought to drape
as your nakedness

I don't care
it keeps me warm, I think
that is what the night tells me
when I'm all alone
does it talk to you, too.

I say it again
plastic consciousness
runs through my veins
wanna buy a woman for the night?
give me a little affection

by S. Elizebeth Turnquist

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