Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pirates in Town

“Yo, what’s up dude,” she said as the drunken sailor snapped her head back from behind. She turned and caught his face as it pulled into her sphere, kissing it just slightly off center. Two smoke filled mouths.

She pulled a silk cord that was knotted into a tiny noose from her outside pocket. A fat drunk with his pants around his knees and a limp dick was prodding her from behind.

She turned, threw back her head, opened the little noose and draped it around her lips. Pointing down her throat she shouted at him, “Put it here, put it right in here.”

Taking the noose from around her lips, she handed it to me. Whoever has that at the end of the night gets gang banged by the fleet.” she explained.

Looking together through the window into the poolroom, we could see the men all lined up.

“The one in the buffalo plaid gives good head.” she told me. “The old guy is inventive.”

I asked about the one in the green shirt. “Naw,” she said. “Just regular stuff.”

She turned and looked me over. “Gimmie back the noose.” she said. “I want it.”

by Robin Hiersche

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