Tuesday, October 19, 2010

requiem fist

he was drunk
with drool and
twisted hair
her sphincter
crushed three fingers
but he was determined

she wished the sky to drain
from her eyes
the cold creeks
to flow through
her veins
washing her soul

she turned
her face
to the
stained ceiling

she was stoned
things hadn’t
gone her way
the afternoon light
played on the drapes
she could never get warm
and only wanted
to get through today
smoke fuck and drink

he wished for death
felt tires running over
crushing his chest
needed pills
that were never enough
that left him stunned
and slumped
against the wheel
sweating face hot

she was languid
on her side
his cock was hard

he could hear
the radio in the room above
easy listening
she could smell whiskey
on his breath
behind her ear

he was on the outskirts
without spit to be damned
feeling his way now

she was drunk enough
sad enough and started to cry
the creek was finally in her viens

he had done it
and so had she.

by Robert Ede

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