Friday, July 16, 2010

My last shot of Hennessy

"My Heart goes out 2 the hunger
My Heart goes out 2 the Lost Souls
My Heart goes out 2 those who are blinded by the dark
My Heart goes out 2 those who are captured by stress, misery, and pain that just want seem 2 heel
When yall stress, I do 2
I am able 2 feel yall pain, and it does make me flimsy in times
This calls 4 Hennessy
She brings Hatred, but I love the way she makes me feel
All my problems are relieved 4 the moment
What I'm witnessing, I see that others need her attention even more
My last shot of Hennessy goes out 2 the struggles we all go through
4 everybody that have been through thick, and thin are approved 4 my last shot of Hennessy
4 the 1's that's no longer breathing because the struggle was 2 much 2 take, this last shot of Hennessy is my condolescense
I want the world 2 acknowlegde that even as a Thug, I got a Heart 4 people
I even got much Love 4 my foes that may roam the world
They may be my foes, but they are still my brothers" -1 Love

by Andrew L. Monroe III
-Dedicated 2 our struggles

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