Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Free Safety

I know you're going to attack my house
You hardly hold me with your misdirection
Only for half a second do I pretend to dote on your ground rush
You've played it safe for long enough
And now you're going for broke
You have guns and I have only my hands
You have skilled special ops to run trails into my land
But I've seen it all before, and this time I won't falter
I even lull you in, bait you, you feel secure in your sense of power
But I am the Small Man, the little fish who bites your dick off
You launch your attack, sailing through the air, piercing my ancient winds
I'm already there my dear enemy, treading ground full speed
I've always been there only you were too stupid to see
This is my house, motherfucker
And I picked your bullshit pass
Now I have your grenade and it's ticking away
I thank Ala, the most merciful, for working through me
And I blow yall niggas away

by Giovanni Mendoza

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