Monday, June 28, 2010

ghost fucker bow wows

this no good for nothing
scum sucking greed
slave psycho creep
can't get it up
at the same time that thing
is controlling his thoughts.
mid life brought a
crisis wife---
one of those trophies
the losers get for showing up.
she's 17 years younger
and trashy as hell.
with an end stage chunk of
DNA for a whip and a chain,
that he stuck up her cunt
11 years ago, proving the man.
still, she throws him out
after sticking it up his
with child support and
car payments.
the next day, without so much as
changing the sheets,
she's got something
younger, stronger, richer,
and a lot better looking
rolling around in that
vegas marriage bed,
and who knows how many
fuck buddies since.
making up for lost time,
pretending not to have
an orgasm, so they will
fuck her harder.

the kids can hear it all
through the sleazy cheesy wall
of the rental house
she kicked him out of.

but, sigh, it's all about him.
he's helpless in his egoparalysis
to change a thing.
he enjoys the betrayal.
he caresses his lies.
his heart is broken.

the kids are just some
ego inspired add on.
one day melts into the next,
while he fiddles with his
handicap, his club, his balls.
he sits around,
dreaming of doing it doggy style
with a whimpering blonde,
and for a minute,
it almost works.

he calls me
when they tell him
he has cancer
and I have to go.
I have to be all
goody good good
and watch him go
someplace no amount
of television and avoidance
can deny.
I'm not too crazy
about living in this
run down trailer court
making little meals
and tucking in
a half dead asshole...
but somebody has to do it.

by Anonymous

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