Thursday, June 17, 2010

tongue ring

a hole in an organ
I wish I could put holes in words that organ made
like I didn't even say it
it tickles to kiss
and people say it makes sex better
or maybe I never said that

a hole in a burnt organ
a chunk is gone
the chunk that is missing is sad
so write a song about it
and put it on YouTube

kiss a girl
you're a girl that kissed a girl
and you didn't tell anyone
and you're still broke
and jobless
stupid tongue ring
it was supposed to be spontaneous
and now everyone thinks you're a slut
not edgy at all
it doesn't even matter if you like keeping the lights on
when . . . 'y know

I take it out
the stud is gone and there is still a hole
there was a hole there
I don't think you really understand

by Rachel Milan Richards

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