Monday, June 21, 2010


Apart from how you want me to
It's not so hard to be like you

I am 12 years old again
My brain under the microscope

And I am not the girl without a voice
The one you listen to by choice
The Unreal,
so much more appealing

She can touch and feel nothing
She can swallow but not taste
She can shapeshift into anything
til you forget her face

Everyone is perfect
Everyone is perfect
Everyone is perfect
Just not me

And she can't hurt you

I am afraid to lose my mind
But I refuse to be sane
I am afraid to be me
But I refuse to be you

I am a liar
A child
A mother
And I am sorry

I love you more everyday
when you love me like I want you to

I can only lie in this life
I promise
Because my eyes know who I am

by Aneka Brunssen

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