Monday, December 06, 2010

Death and I

As I sit beneath this eucalyptus tree,
I think of the many things Death has done to me
He’s worn my bones, He’s Thinned my hair
He’s Stole my eyes, and he stole my ears
and he’s taken many things I hold quite dear.

Death is a man you should meet only once
You will not recognize him at first
His eyes will charm, and his voice will sooth
But when he touches you there is a chill.

As I sit beneath this Eucalyptus tree
With Death sitting next to me
I start to see, though my eyes have gone,
The beauty of the sea

Death is a man I know Personally
I recognize him now as a man just like me
His hair is thin, his bones are worn,
He enjoys the warm summer sun

Death and I
Beneath a eucalyptus tree

Pondering us both
What will become of We?

by Eric Long

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