Friday, December 09, 2011

Glue Farm Autopsy

I got both your eyes
Sitting on a plate
They freak me out
They move
I can feel, then turn
I roll over in bed at night thinking, "What kind of shit is this?!"
But it's still kind of drinking!
I notice the blood painting, it looks so much like you
I see both your eyes following behind me as I'm coming
I can't ever regret how I met you
We're growing the new kind of body here for the new kind of society
They shrink in the daylight
I've always got blood on my hands
In my hair
On my clothes
In my eyes My eyes!?! Oh fuck!!! I forget them for a minute!
There I remembered how to disfigure the lone alive creature
Burn off the face with a...
Blowtorch the features
Can you stop staring? I know it's not easy but please try
Today's blood special may be yours now as your dying
I'm still alone with those two fucking eyes!

by Lance Tarr

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