Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nurse's Split Guts Next to the Death Bed

The amputated hips
expressed words cutting like whips,
from inbetween two lips
and two tongues- it was soul sung,
it was night's dawn,
it was bring it on and fuck on off,
it was flick your wrist
and please add a twist
of lemon to my lime,
I like to look at the sun dial's less than shadow side
to keep out of tune with time,
your anuerysm has yet beat to mine,
I am still headed for the hospital;
you are heading into a deep fall,
wherein; the loose ends will swallow their friends
that they once tied together.
We did not say a damn word
about things that lead to forever,
matter of fact we ran from that
and begged for nev-r.
Never again will i sign myself off
to such a petty loss-
At the races, big bill for big squeals
as I people watch monochromed faces-
Now turned red,
"This place will be Revolutionarionary when
they let the dogs in", somebody said
then somebody was soon shot dead.
But his words resouned in hearts
that pounded through skin beat black and blue;
Long nights I spent up with
fever filled, few times thrilled-
Who could have known that the plague
was not what troubled the mind of oh so fine Edgar?
He only wished to join the corpses
which encompassed such a peace,
which living humans may never have a peice,
I will give you you my peice before I die
but don't shoot any mockingbirds with it son,
There are finer uses for such a well kept gun.

by Elizabeth Sage Maycann

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