Tuesday, January 12, 2010


If life was this fast, imagine
Knowing I can fly from Lagos to New York
In just two seconds
If all men were that fast and life was summed
Five minutes at most
Sitting across the table in a restaurant
Looking into her eyes the thought came to me
That if life was that fast and I’ve got five minutes
I’ll spend it all looking straight into her eyes

If life was that fast, imagine
In five minutes I’d have met her family
Especially her Aunt Maggie who dislikes me
Not ignoring my Uncle Johnny who has a wooden leg
Cut through all that in prayer together
Walk down the aisle as a couple officially
Have a feel what a kiss from an angel feels like
Experience love in bed and watch her give birth in beauty and pain
Raise the two kids together
Who we’ve named after her Aunt Maggie and my Uncle Johnny
Maggie came in with her kids and Johnny’s a Professor of law
We’re now grand parents
Just then I noticed we’ve turned grey and wrinkled skin
Sitting across the table to her
Our very first date and that was all
Just a thought!

by Lawan Baldwin

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