Sunday, January 10, 2010

Escape the grief
freezes heavy
A inside burnt and charred
ugly demon scream and tear
rip apart everwhere
a new division takes its wings
couldn't take the weeping please...
psychotic echo
screams undesired
surely the prize was I?
confused lamb standing still
a raging slaughter, qwaking chill
heart holding red
the slaves of hours
A prey for the taking
squash those that riped the mind
struggled and then they bind
evil lurks around the voice
it never hides
please don't weep for me...
I desire the black disease
Cover my hands bitter
A fate punched with might
Stop the voices from their dispute
a lucid dream I can't refute
could hate myself with all my demons
dwelled to creep within the veins
cut the blood to see it gore
zero weeps I hear no more
make this leave the kill
A maddness still remain
make this leave the gore
The pain without a score
stop the demons with a scream
spotted gouges scratching frail
pale lamb beside the tree
shivered hell beside a scream
they all wish the lamb would run
I say let it stay it's far to dumb
shivers and hell and to screams dismay
the lamb that ran away.

by MTracy

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