Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thrills and Pills Galore

Self destruction became her guardian cover.
No way from this to recover.
So dispirited she's barely human.
Desire for release from Earthly dungeon.
All she wanted was for it to end.
For she felt like there was nothing left to mend.
She took the bottle in her hand,
It came pouring out like sand.
Her palm was filled with pills,
Her mind was filled with thrills.
She took a swig of the booze.
Soon she will take an eternal snooze.
An ocean of alcohol filled her mouth.
Then her suicide concoction went right down south.
As it entered her body,
She felt like she was a nobody.
She didn't bother writing a note,
Because then it would feel like a gloat.
She lied there waiting,
Thinking about all she was hating.
She closed her eyes,
Letting out her final sighs.
Then came the last time she breathed,
For life, she truly seethed.

by Marni Rubenstein

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