Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I pay for sex
There are no tears or threats
Or numbers to call back
No morning after blues
Or too bright fridge lights
Illuminating the midnight sin
Professionals don’t need watering

But I miss the chase
The undecided guest
The gratification of conquest
Never a forfeit
Always a triumph

So tonite they send their greenest
The virgin hooker
Her first dollar
She might just run
My mouth waters
My balls swell
The chase is back on
I can’t fucking wait

She hovers above the bar crowd
The long dark hair and bright green eyes
So beautiful and rare
We pretend to meet as strangers
Much better for the game

Three hours we do this dance
The mouse chasing the cat
Her smile now easy with trust
Her body in tune with mine
I like her; she likes me

I have a room, I tell her
And up we go to fuck
The nerves and jittery hands
Making me forget I’d paid
We kiss like lovers
Like none before her
Fucking is great
But making love is better

I’ve never seen the same girl twice
There’s no fun in that
But this one’s different
Bewitching me with her smile
I’ll book her again
Before she’s with another
Maybe she’ll be mine

I wake up a better man
Though she’s gone for now
Her soul slipped into mine
Lipstick on the mirror
Telling me her name
“Great fuck, Anna”

The phone rings out
The escort service
Telling me they’re sorry
The new girl didn’t show
Do I want a rebook or refund

My head spins round
My balls shrivel up
Anna wasn’t the paid one
Just some girl in a bar
Who found the man I’d lost
Then left me to myself
Just as I’d left them all

by AJ Dresser

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