Sunday, September 13, 2009

For I Am Your Seductress

Seductive eyes with bright red lips
red nail polish on my fingertips.
We sit in this bar and say no words
you gaze deep into my eyes,
while I play like I'm yours.
Will you drive me wild..or have I
already driven
will you be one of those guys that
will be easily smitten.
You have broke my spell by looking away,
my smile is immanent....
"who's game are we playing"
You play it well, so your reward is my attention
but I am aware that your goal is a night
of passionate kissing.
There we go.. now I have you back,
your desires will get the best of you yet.
Into your arms, I slid down the seat,
my ulterior motive to feel your
heart beat.
And the faster it thumps,
the closer you are,to losing
this game between one boy
and one girl.
Now that I have you flushed in the face,
you ask yourself
"How much more agony must one man partake"
Babe don't worry, It's almost done
your pockets are now empty
so when you look up I'll
be gone!.

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