Friday, August 21, 2009

God’s Bribes

How often have I heard people
tell me of their blessings from God
and equally often have I wondered about that!
I’ve been hard up for money at times
and had to work odd jobs
or find supplemental income in garbage bins
and other places where refuse finds refuge –
anything I could use, I would use
and anything I could sell, I’d sell.
Some would say God was blessing me
by directing me to those garbage bins
where useful things had been discarded
and there may well have been a time
I was inclined to believe that.
But I’ve also found money lying on the streets
and been told that money is the root of all evil –
Ah, then those gifts could not be of God
but of the evil one they call “Satan”
for why would God bless me with evil things?
I’ve thought about this some more –
and concluded that both are vying for my attention,
giving me rejects and crumbs from a crumbling society
built upon the dreams of two powerful divinities,
two powerful enemies; two “divine” and utter fools
who would destroy a world and everything in it
in their insane quest for control.
It’s truly an interesting concept –
that what we assume are blessings
are really nothing more than bribes,
little ones for those who need little,
big ones for those who lust for power.
Of course, there is a simpler explanation:
I got off my ass and went looking so I wouldn’t go hungry?
Try that on for size.

by Sharran WindWalker

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