Saturday, August 08, 2009

d - g

536 days without him now.
awake with a stake in my eye
i drink myself to happiness
i live like i am not alive
the day i left you i watched myself die
and i prayed, begged for anything
to hit me in the face i crawl across days
trying to get further away
from this mistake
so fucking sick of writing you
penning you because when i do it
i am kissing you see, fucking you through words
on paper and there were many loves but
none of my loves, were you my love
twenty-two tattooed on my wrist so i wont
forget you for i am the jester
and he is the king and he is constantly dismissing me
and still i wait for him but he will never come
therefore d is minus g me minus you
me bound to you i lay on my death bed
my apartment as my coffin.
and then it slslslslows..
underneath the stars i kissed
your blistered lips and so dear i loved you i
got on my knees
opened my mouth
and swallowed your lies
as black debris fell from the sky
my body hit the ground
the fluid stayed within me
now i bleed thee slowly.

by Desiree Santos

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