Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dreaming of Hemphill in my dream

It seemed a dream
And in truth that’s
All it was
The standard of things
Wished for.
A begging thought
Below the belt
With legs thrown up
Ready for the fuck
His mission was strong
To fuck me the whole night long
And what of me
My pale flower
Wet with pre cum
Caught as in a casualties
Of human lust
With lusty heart
Of beauty to endure
The cock of desperation
That pierced me to the core
I am an average man
Who in his dream
Try to understand
What does it mean
To bent my back
To his top heavy straight
And sweat the sexual
Till all his lust is spent
Within me, on me
Skin to skin
He heal my wounds
As a matter of duty
He brought me to my knees
Of all my former lovers
And the revolution that brother Beam
Spoke of is realized
In the cause of sexual brothers
Who inherited their
Sexual appetite from the egg of their mothers

by David E. Patton

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