Friday, November 03, 2006


touch myself when i think of you
picturing my hands are yours thats fondling me
fucking me all nite long
my nipples on hard after i put them in my mouth,
pretending its you slowly nibbling on me
tasting me
devouring me
and when i rub my clit, its your hands making me wet
making me cream
its your tongue making love to my clit
making me climax
making me scream
its your fingers running up and down my slit
fingering my hole
riding up and down your pole
its your dick im picturing when i suck on my vibe
slobbering all over the sides
its me fucking you thru and thru
and doing only what i know i can do
and when i cum, its your name i call
got me climbing up walls
as i lay there eyes shut
fingers all nasty and wet
its you i pretend i swallow when i taste my own
you are my fantasy when i need to get in that zone
you are my desire that gets me gone

by Stacie Wyatt

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like this one. It's great

4:15 PM  

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