Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Military

We were all 18 and dropped acid 3 times a week-

G.I. freaks!

Hitchhiking to post and meeting a pedophile on the way
The guy was a dirty rotten predator-

He went away from his trailer one weekend,
and the Field Artillery unit decided to have a party-

From private to Captain we broke in the trailer, and rolled the keg in-
The Captain was a lot older than us...he was 22-

Where's the acid? Teel had it, and we all did it-

Tripping our balls off we entered a secret room,
there were panties stuffed with newspapers, and
a bunch of twisted shit in that room-

We all started to bug out on the LSD, and the perverted,
blackness all at once-

In another small room there were 50 birds in cages-

It seems like we all snapped at the same time!

30 G.I.'s started demolishing the place-

Phones ripped out of walls-
The fake Cunt panty ho sack was lit on fire-

We had all gone insane...then we let all the birds out,
feathers flying , birds shitting-

The floating feathers looked like a rainbow of monster scabs-

Someone started to laugh demonically...I think it was me-

6am formation, we all looked at each other, and felt like death-

Then remorse...then fuck that fucking pervert!

We had another kegger the next night...

Bored little kids with respect for nothing-

The government breeds these kids, then they send a tripping teenager to war-

That was the biggest trip of all...we were soldiers-

by Ron Cervero

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