Sunday, November 19, 2006

My wife's niece

My wife’s niece came over during the summer,
To spend some time with us-

She was a gorgeous 17 year old, with long silken flowing hair

More like flowing coal, and eyes of demon’s gold

I couldn't keep my eyes off of her,
not really incest since it was my wife’s niece…so I told myself

I fantasized about her non-stop, and jerked off 3 times a day with
her as my muse

My mind would not let me think of anything else-I was obsessed, and
more than likely possessed

On her last night with us there was a huge thunderstorm,
the crack and the pop of the lightening woke my wife and I up,
and my niece came running into our bedroom scared to death-

She asked if it was o.k. if she got in bed with us until the storm passed-

My wife didn't even think twice and said yes…it’s o.k.

I was petrified since she was my jerk off tool for the past week, and
I would now have her in bed with me and my wife at the same time!

She got in on my side of the bed of coarse, and
all I could think of was her silhouette running into our room,
frightened by the storm…she had on a silk top and laced panties-

My cock was getting hard just watching her-

I felt so guilty, and so horny at the same time…it was torturous-

When she got in on my side of the bed I tried so hard not to touch her at

Especially with my dick ripping out of my boxers-

I was crawling the walls when she got in bed with us…so hot
She backed up into my cock while she was trying to get comfortable

Through her lace panties I felt her rock hard ass touch my cock…she knew it
was hard,
And to my utter surprise she rolled over, and started rubbing it-

My wife was fast asleep by then, and she initiated a long wet kiss,
at the time I felt like I was going to blow a load just having her so close
Her tits were beautiful, and her nipples were erect, and as hard as rocks!

I was petrified, but couldn't hold back. I started to rub her bald pussy,
through her panties while she rubbed my cock.
I felt her head go down under the sheets when I felt my helmet,
going into her tight young mouth-

I lasted about 15 seconds and I blew a load the size of Mt. Rushmore
She swallowed came back up from under the sheets and kissed me on the cheek,
and went to sleep-

From that day on we licked, and sucked, and fucked every time she came over
to stay-

Twenty years later I still get a hard on just thinking about her-

Do you?

by Ron Cervero

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