Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Advice from a madman

there is the vagina, gentlemen, take it only as
an example of nature's charitable character
and play with it, fuck it if you will

Never abuse it, because it is a flower and like all flowers
it should only be respected and loved

but love its owner as well, women are lovely
their curves are sensuous
their eyes are lucid
they are like the panthers of passion that twist and turn
in your pants and scrape your skin
leaving traces of love behind in the wounds

be gentle, young boys, I'm sure they all have beautiful minds
and dreams that are worth every second of breath
I know a few who are more beautiful than castles and
worth more to me than gold
I know a few who paint the most glorious pictures for me
and sing songs that make me want to cry with every imaginable emotion

so, gentlemen, we must love women and their vaginas
they are the best things on earth at this moment
so remember all your lovers
and take this advice from a man
who is mad with sensual beauty
and take flight to the pleasures of being lazily
in love with flesh.

by Derek Hansson

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