Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The cockroach passed dragging its antennas on the floor and the screech was gross.
I put in my mouth a piece of wall and my fingernails bled because I was careless.
That lamp's light is the same color as kryptonite.
I like Superman.
I wore my mother's makeup and her strings and I was very pretty although without breast.
Then I took Vaseline and I wiped it in my ass with my index and my middle fingers together.
The fingers entered easily and then also the cucumber entered easily.
The mirror is wiped with Vaseline.
My ass is hairy, but if I could go that far I would lick it and then also put my balls in my mouth and also I would give myself a good blow.
When I was little I could put all my dick in my mouth,
but now I've lost elasticity
but is fun to try.
The doctor says that I'm going to be ok
The doctor thinks that I'm an idiot and that I don't know he has secrets.
He made my mother cry,
I found a camera in a corner.
This doctor always makes my mother cry,
so much that it makes me sick and sometimes I feel like killing him with the beans that they give for food in my house.
My cat Lunatic liked the moon.
In my house nobody loves cats.
My mother stepped on him and told me that one of these days she was going to kill him.
That's why I killed him in the oven, but I didn't feel like lighting it, so I watched him fall sleep.
My mother cried again because she didn't have another cat to kill.
She said she had to clean it
Tomorrow we're going back to the doctor.
He said I'm going to get well.
I don't know what that means.

by Sebastián Londoño

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