Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Oral Sacrament

Uhm, I once got blown by a Mormon,
True story, sounds kind of gross,
But it was really fucking cool.
Black peti-coats shuffling, wool stockings and pale tits jiggling...

But I get ahead of myself,
I do that most times,
Anyway, I know we're all sposed to bear our souls here,
Here, in the hell hole, the arse of poetry,
Stand up and shock the room and all that shit,

All I've got is the truth
A mormon sucked the shit out of my dick,
Really. She was way pent up.
You'd be surprised. I recommend it thoroughly,
A scatological, semi-cornbread cleaning of the pipes.

It sounds fucked up but she was hot
Without make-up and all. Sweaty, hay fever whacked,
But very game to gag on my drunked up penis.

I'm fucking serious...

It's not at all weird like midget sex.
That's a whole other kettle of fish you don't want to open,
And I mean that literally.

Anyway, I came clean in this truth chamber known as the
Crappy Wasteland where we pledge our twelve step hail mary's
One day at a time, I got oral from a mormon
And I'd do it again.

by Don Eminizer

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