Sunday, November 12, 2006

Whitman Unbound

Of cunts and cocks I sing.
Of the young girl and boy I sing.
Of women and men.
Of cunts, hairy or shaved.
Of cocks large or small with dangling balls.
For you are all a wonderment to me.

Of all mankind, I sing, and of all womankind.
Of lesbians locked in tight embrace, I sing.
Of their labia wet with an all consuming lust.
Their nipples erect and swollen.
Of the ass fucker and the cock sucker.
Of young men and women fucking in the bushes,
in the backseats, on grassy mounds.
Of old men and old women, fucking and sucking lasciviously.
Using their cocks and pussies as nature meant them to be.

I sing of Walt who was not allowed to sing as fully well.
But whose voice still sings from his rocky tomb.
I sing to all who will not bow down.
I sing to all who are proud.
I sing to the women with big tits and small tits;
fat and thin, short and tall.
I sing of men sucking cocks in dark alleyways;
be not ashamed, for it is by nature that you desire
the same.

I sing of the singers who go forth and sing,
for they face great odds.
I sing of men and women fucking and sucking
in large groups.
I sing of fountains of cum gushing forth
from swollen organs.
Of eager mouths gulping.
Of legs spread and pussies gaping--

Oh, this is the great truth, amigo y amiga:
Your cock is God,
so is your pussy.
There is no other, save fear.
Oh, throbbing ecstasy!
Who can doubt the purpose of these organs?
Let fools lay down their laws.
Let men and women fuck as they please.
Let the flower bloom and be plucked.

Oh, endless fuck!
My hand jerks me
and I erupt and spill forth kingdoms.
Oh, what Gods and Goddesses we are!

Your cunt takes my semen,
as it has taken the semen of many men,
and I am not jealous.
Your pussy has been licked by many men and women,
and I am not jealous.
For our pussies and cocks are not properties to be owned.

Go out into this vast world and fuck,
for there is no fucking in that final hole they call the grave.
Taste the sweet nectar of youth.
Hold his trembling cock in your soft hand.
Lick her swollen pussy.
Masturbate each other.

For all who fuck, fuck hard,
before the flower of life discard.
Naked bodies, consume yourselves
with no regrets.
For living is the law of flesh.

by GK Thomas

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