Monday, November 20, 2006

The Sexiest Sin

Our bodies so close together, dripping wet
the feel of your wet skin I cannot forget
The smell of your hair,
water everywhere

the look in your eyes
the taste of your kiss
the sexiest sin
no one can resist

hot water and steam surrounds us
a mist of emotion drowns us
nothing else matters at this moment
nothing but our enjoyment

i hesitated at first, but i had to give in
because it's hard to resist the sexiest sin

i may be a little bit shy
but the way you're looking at me
makes me feel so sexy
and I don't know why

this is the way to express our thoughts that is most intimate
the best way to adore each other is when we're soaking wet

the way you bite your lip as you touch my skin
lets me know that you too think this is the sexiest sin

by Christie Long

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