Sunday, November 26, 2006


-mid workout-
and stood adjusting her hair and
checking her makeup.
more than anything else
she seemed to be admiring herself,
making sure
the vacant beauty she so loved
was still there.

I want to grab this chick her by her hair
I want to push her over the table
I want to rip her pants at the seam-
front to back,
tear that carefully coordinated
sweat clothing
I want to hold her arms behind her back
and fuck her hard in the ass
I want to slap it burning pink while I pound
I want the right side of her face
to screech on the table
I want to choke her with my cock
and listen to her vocalize while she gags
I want to see her eyes begin to well up
the drool hanging from her mouth
I want to cum in her eyes
and piss on her when I'm done

I want to see her lying lonely,
wet and torn and smeared and broken.

I want her to feel fuckin ugly.

by Eddie Kilowatt

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