Thursday, November 23, 2006

My Secret

I've always wondered what you would do
If I touched you.
Like the time we all piled in the car
A tangle of teenaged limbs
And you sat on my lap.
I wanted to slide my fingers up your thigh
Sneak under your skirt --
The one that was too short
-- And slip my pinky into your panties.
Would you have gotten wet?
Would you have moaned if I flicked your clit
With the tip of my finger?
I wanted to tease your nipple,
Pinch it through your thin tank top
And make it harden.
Would you have leaned back against me?
Grinding your hips into mine,
Fighting to stay silent
As I crushed you to my breasts
Sinking my fingers into your pussy
And licking the delicate curve of your neck.
I thought about it.
Thought about the throbbing beat
Of the music blasting
Matching the throbbing of your pussy in my hand
And of my own against the seat.
I wrapped my arm around your waist,
To adjust you in my lap
And felt myself get a little wet
From how tiny and perfect you felt.
But I let go.
The music stopped,
The ride ended.
Teenaged limbs untangled themselves,
And piled out of the car.
Then the cool night air rushed up
And we rushed inside,
Leaving my secret desire
Alone in the seat to dry.

by Annette Edward

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