Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Chemical Haze

Butts, nicotine and matches,
Absorbing chemicals, dropping ashes
Numbly paying for sickness
Tumors, lonely and hiding
Full of anxious hopes for release
Benign, but biding time.
Glasses, alcohol, and drinking,
Substance abusing, unfocused blinking,
Many falling to addiction,
And all the addicts know why,
Empty bottles plaster empty room,
Emotionless, ready for church.
Crushing, popping, and snorting,
By different colors sorting,
The fabulous display of pills,
That we got from a doctor,
But diagnosis couldn’t be farther
From the actual, medical truth.
Cooking, preparing, shooting,
Scabby veins, junk polluting,
The unsustainable will to live,
With just yourself,
The other bores milling around here,
And slow painful time.
The police are all we hear,
Sirens wailing when they aren’t there,
Sirens screaming bloody tears,
Billy clubs and constant,
Brushing of face,
Indulgence due to paranoia,
And loss of faith

by Chelsea

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