Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Hot Day On the Steps Of A Brownstone

Nicki slaps a bare foot against hot
Macadam and
Says, cool, girl,
Her caramel-colored fingers
Pulling out the c-o-o-l;
Check it out:
Rich mama's in the balcony
Of The Bijou and
Ma' baby cakes don't have to
Sit Here flappin' her
Knees to play it c-o-o-l;
So I follow her to where shadows
Play on the wall
And kids laugh
And soon icy pops of
And Cherry trickle down
Naked breasts and bellies;
Rich mama and
At the kiddie matinee';
All this and ten big
Ones ahead;
Not bad when there is
Nothing else to do
On a hot day
On The Steps
Of a brownstone

by Gabe Renzo

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