Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Shucking Clams

Chilling on the frost bitten balcony
gazing at the sherbet sky
he flicked ashes from his cigarette
watched them fall like dirty
into the pile of city below

He was craving her
could feel the warm sensation
rush through his Levis

and he liked it

The night before
they feasted on crab legs
and grilled salmon
at the seafood shack
by the dock
as seagulls hovered above
tempted by scraps
of brittle bread and raw fish

She spilled wine on her black dress
with the plunging neck line
he got hard just watching her
gently patting her breasts
like newborn twins

Later that night
after the wine was tucked in
he ate again
savoring the sweet flavor
of her fresh clams
shells parted just enough
to taste the pink inside

He wanted more
but she had passed out
the shells shut tight
an imaginary sign read
"Do not enter"

Tomorrow he would wander
the local fish market
search for another batch of clams
to shuck

by Sandy Hiss

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