Saturday, January 13, 2007


he says and
shaky hairy
hands across
her ever
reddening throat.
Her gaggle-cough
cough scream
is more a
sound of
ecstasy, and
one eye rolls
back, slick
and red and
the other eye
knows it’s the
end as it
rolls and rolls
like an egg in
a boiling pot
of tears. Then
her arm shoots
up, scratching
clawing nothing
and I think
of Sam, the
retarded boy
that lives next
door and his
ever waving
arms. Sam’s
sister Sarah
says Sam’s
fam named Sam
Sam because
Sam’s response
to consonants
is so astute.
I wonder if
Sam always
thinks he’s
dying like this
beautiful blue
woman underneath
me. I start
to cry when
I think of
Sam being
choked to death
for the rest of
his life and
my lady’s arm
falls limp, like
my erection.

by Nicholas Day

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