Monday, January 01, 2007


I don't need you
so you can get over that right now
I only want you because
we're taken
and only for an hour at that--
can you last that long?
I guess I shouldn't make assumptions.
I don't have to "love" you,
and you don't have to "respect" me.
Let's not lie to each other
make false promises
tell our stories to one another
in the mutual expectation
and dread
of a potential merger.
It's pure acquisition.
If I'm treating you like an object
then let's be objective.
Erica looked for her zipless fuck
but didn't find it
because she didn't want it.
I have no middle ground pedantic
mindgame to peddle.
It zipless, baby, because I'll tear the clothes
right from you; no messy tedious undressing.
You'll call me a cunt
because I'll suck your cock
but won't ask for your phone number.
I'm not offended--that is reality
I am a cunt to you;
a cunt, a mouth, firm flesh and immediate intensity
I'm a person too, a woman with whole worlds
and formulated words of acquiescence and denial--
but that's not for you
it's for another place,
another person, other space.
And the only mark I want to leave
is in your mind,
the memory of an hour
that can still make you hard.

by Renee St. Louis

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