Thursday, December 28, 2006


You thought you could just use me and throw me away
but didn't you know that 2 are required in order to play.
I was serious about you yet you were just drunk & high.
Claiming not to like my best friend anymore, what a fucking lie.

You let me get close to you just for that one night
then you felt that shit people label wrong and right.
Think of your home, your two kids, and your horse-faced wife
tell me you made a mistake and drive through my heart a knife.

You didn't know who you were fucking with when you almost screwed me.
You thought you could call it off and I'd obey and then you'd be free.
Now I sit and dream and think of all the ways I can fuck with you
how I can still taint your life even when you don't want me to.

How about I hire some dirty thugs to nab you on your way out to your truck?
They take you to a hotel room, tie you up and sit back and watch us fuck.
You'd be gagged and bound and looking at me with such furry and hate...
while I made your body betray your heart, your dick in me is just your fate.

I will tease you until you're almost insane, then will fuck you so hard & have my way.
I will then whisper to you "you thought the game was over but I still wanted to play".
Then I will slap your handsome face and then kiss it for the times you ignored me.
Then I will leave the room satisfied, say "Fuck you!" and let the thugs set you free.

by Angel Eyes

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