Tuesday, December 26, 2006

in the rain

as i was walking home in the rain,it was just starting to get dark, not to many people out on the streets, i took a short cut between to buildings i could hear someone walking behind me as i slowed down i turned and their you were you grab me .. you had a small pocket knife i was so scared .. you pushed me up to the wall and whispered in my ear I'm not going to hurt you just do what i want , i was shaking, i could feel you hand going under my skirt pulling my panties then you cut them with your knife ...i could feel myself start to breath out of control i started to say please please don't hurt me and you looked in my eyes and i could feel you finger rubbing my clit and i don't know why but as scared as i was , i started to get excited i didn't understand ..i closed my eyes my shirt was soaking wet you could see my nipples right through my shirt.. i felt you start sucking my nipples through my shirt and then you went right under my skirt and started licking me , oh my god i wanted to scream but i didn't i thought i should try and hit you but i didn't , i just closed my eyes and let it happen , and soon i started to cum my hands reached for your hair you licked harder and started sucking on my clit my legs went weak i slid down the wall as i came , you stood , looked down at me .you unzip your pants pulled out your hard throbbing cock grab me by my hair and pulled me to you and you slowly started fucking my face pushing it deeper and deeper each time till i couldn't breath i was gasping for air i was trying to hold you back but you keep pushing then you just stop ed , you pulled me up and looked me right in the eyes and turned me around and pulled me by my hips and bent me over and rammed your cock in me it hurt so bad i screamed then i looked around i didn't want anyone to hear me ( how funny don't you think) you didn't stop you fucked me harder and harder till i could feel you cock start throbbing in me squirting your hot cum in me my walls reacted contracting with each pulse cumming together , when you were done i could see you hot breath in the cold rain . i turned around and you were gone ......

by Michele Garcia

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