Friday, December 22, 2006

A World Of Shit (a souldier's lament)

All through the night,
I walk through the woods,
Don't know where I'm going,
or even if I should.

Limbs smack my face,
and I'm covered in grit;
forced to conform to the mass
and live in a World of Shit.

My senses are dulled and
my mind dead and lazy,
I'm trapped in a camoflauge cell,
and know I'm going crazy.

I'm too smart to continue
and too dumb to quit,
I'm just another no-name
bound to serve a World of Shit.

With only one way to live,
and one way to think,
deeper and deeper into the hole
I feel myself helplessly sink.

No need to cry and less
to pitch a fit,
Getting mad doesn't help
when you're stuck in a World of Shit.

Our leaders love to bitch
they're on my case all the time.
What I've done to deserve this,
I've committed no crime.

Time and space have no meaning,
I stare at my wall and sit.
I'm so lonely, my mind not my own,
It belongs to a World of Shit.

With no individuality, we can't
grow or expand inside.
We must be like everyone else
for free thought they won't abide.

What I used to know about living,
I forget bit by bit.
Reprogrammed to think thoughts
That breed in a World of Shit.

The tasks we do would be
simpler if we did them a different way.
Instead we stay the same;
blind and drained day by day.

Months and years go by and
we have nothing to show for it.
Only pride in ourselves that we go
on surviving in a World of Shit.

I'm so empty inside, taught
to be an unthinking slave.
I serve the very men
who will someday put in a grave.

My body lies cold on the
ground and I'm kicked in a pit.
But even now I'm trapped;
six feet under a World of Shit.

by Shakey Psyche (Richard Warner)

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