Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cows and Ducks

The Martians came,
the cows
the ringing.

The phone would ring
every time I thought about sex

The Ringing,
the constant ringing!
I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t work,
just listened to the ringing.

The Martians would sing
Christmas songs
to the ringing,

then the cows mooed
and I
killed a duck.

Lots of people came from Texas
to stop the ringing,
(Guess a lot of other people
heard the ringing, too)

when they found out
why the ringing was occurring
they gave me
my own cow.

the ringing faded
in a loud

The duck was suddenly
Then I killed him --
I don’t like ducks.

The shepherds were earning about
100 dollars an hour.
The hookers were out of work
(Since there were so many cows around and all);

One benefits
while the other perishes,
one team wins,
while the other --

Final score

Martians 10
Cows/ducks/people 2

No one ever said who was on what team;
it probably would have made a difference.
I wouldn’t have killed the duck --

by Jonathon Shank

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Blogger greenlacewing said...

I like this one a lot for the way it creates its own crazy world and is unlike anything I've read before yet holds to its own shifting logic.

2:38 PM  

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