Monday, February 12, 2007

NEWS: Fox News on bad teachers (students fault?)

Fox News is horrible. They come running to the defense of these horrible teachers.

Let me tell you where I go for my news on politics and world events.

NPR and PBS followed by Reuters and the Associated Press (and sometimes the Smoking Gun) for the straight news.
CNN and BBC so I can get a view of what most other people are seeing.
The Daily Show with John Stewart, The Colbert Report, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, and The Onion for humor in the news.
And then I read The People Daily from China and watch Fox News so I can see propaganda and exercise my brain with finding fallacies in arguments.

There are plenty of other great news outlets, but those are the primary ones I regularly view, and I don't exclusively view them.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's really too bad on the case of the teachers. If students are being difficult, that's no excuse to reciprocate with violence and the threat of violence. I think this is should be true for everyone, but particularly teachers.

On the note of Fox News and your categorizing them as propaganda:

Doesn't really make an argument that Fox News is intentionally putting out propaganda, but if you watch Fox News and believe what they're telling you and believe they are "fair and balanced", you probably have some "misperceptions".

10:48 AM  

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