Tuesday, December 14, 2010

our neighbors

neighbors neighbors neighbors
bloody imitators
a chapter of paradise imbued with books of hells
brains like a fine assortment of scintillating flowers,
with skulls resembling bottomless vases
rich elephants on rickety wooden legs
ready to judge they have the dirtiest vocabulary
with the most disproportionate antics

neighbors neighbors
transient eternity; eternal ephemerality
a truth of two words: falsehood and duplicity
all the importance that insignificance can carry
the mere voicelessness of a boring voice
beautiful birds in fine feathers,
turning into greedy wolves behind your back

the closest strangers, indifferent to your anguish
a double-edged sword
honey-pots surfeited with the blackest gall
as if their teeth perspire
in the heat of abstinence,
they have to gossip about you, shamelessly

neighbors neighbors neighbors!

by Amit Parmessur

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