Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Balls! Balls! Balls!
I love the sound of balls:
Balls! Balls! Balls!
jouncy, flouncy, bouncy balls.
balls to the walls
balls in the stalls
always, always, always
balls in pool halls.
Monkeyballs, moth balls
and sometimes three-toed sloth balls,
snowballs, glo-balls and Larry, Curly and Moe’s balls.
beach balls, baseballs, basketballs,
bocce balls, soccer balls, but not hockey balls,
cue balls, blue balls, screw balls,
new balls, two balls, sexy Rexy’s tattooed balls,
Harry’s balls, Jerry’s balls, never ever Mary’s balls,
pumpkin balls, brass balls, cannon balls,
golf balls, volleyballs, mud balls,
tennis balls, ping-pong balls, Wiffle balls,
hard balls, softballs, fastballs,
one, two, three, four balls and gopher balls,
fire balls, hairballs, space balls, crystal balls,
super balls, cheese balls and Nerf balls;
no such thing as surf-and-turf balls.
Oh, don’t leave out Cinderella’s ball.
Balls to the left;
balls to the right;
if you have enough balls,
you will never run from a fight.
Balls! Balls! Ball!
I love the sound of balls.
Balls. Balls. Balls.

by Bob Petras

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