Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Me and my Cross-Dressing buddy

Halloween Eve: The Day before the 31st
October 30th means preparation for the big night
That is approaching on our way
Surely enough, for some people in my town
There is no denial of alcohol and sex
Coexisting with each other after partying hard
My friend, my only friend, was drinking a lot of alcohol
While at the same time cross-dressing in a woman's clothing
Black silk tights, high heels, a wig, and fake ass jewelery
His eyes were glowing right into my eyes
And his smile takes me to an another place

I wanted to fuck him...for real
I have no problem giving him my affection
While we're talking to each other drunk as hell
Kegs, Shots, and Car Bombs riding down freely
From the bottles we bought and give care
Their fluids escape from their barriers
And Into our mouths, then into our bloodstream
Our minds were making sounds like bees
Chasing off people while protecting their hive

Twelve O'Clock in the morning arrives
It's Halloween morning, so let's keep on partying
Two O'Clock in the morning arrives
The party is winding down in full speed
An hour later, we're in his apartment
After walking a quarter of a mile with our costumes on
Stumbling across the street, slurring our speech patterns
Carrying forties and twelves in our backpacks
Even though there's only two forties unopened

We sat down, we talked for a long time
We laughed, and we cried together
All of a sudden, all eyes on each other
Why it's so quiet in his living room?
Did we did something wrong? Well, did we?
I noticed the unexpected: He is smiling at me. Why?
His bedroom eyes were shining right back at me
They were blue as the deep blue sea
He turned his head, sitting on his couch
Asking these questions I will never forget.

Are you're gonna treat me like a woman?
Are you gonna make me into one?

Ah, my sweetheart that I love so much. Yes, I will.
I will treat you like you're mine for the whole night
I'm a Black Injun that, since childhood, carry and use
Cherokee and West Indian spirituality that are so powerful
That a man, regardless of color, who witness it might say
Holy fuck! Damn, you're fucking good.
I will worship you no matter what anyone says.
You are a goddess, A Motherfucking GODDESS OF MY LIFETIME

I stripped him down,
leaving with his fake necklace around his neck
I rolled around with him, drunk as hell
We hugged and kissed each other all over
Until we were ready to get freaky in his bed
Double penetration became the main highlight
Between me, him, and his strap-on vibrating dildo
I wanted that shit to wear my ass out
No matter how many times I came hard, really hard
Four times I had a mind-blowing orgasm
The fifth one is my last one
But, I'm not gonna leave him empty handed

He didn't turn into a woman though
But he achieved having two powerful orgasms
His load shot immediately from his hard dick
To his chest and his neck leaving him relieved
He laid on his bed smiling and relaxed
Looking at me while his chest was drenched with his cum

After more than 5 years of not getting laid
By his crushes who are not interested in him at all
I guess you can say that I'm his back-up plan
From the time we met a year ago till now
If I fuck him again, I'm gonna dominate his ass.

"I'll do anything, baby."

by The Weekend Warrior

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