Saturday, October 07, 2006

Selfish Bitch

You throw me to the floor.
You kick me, and I bleed.
You don't stop while I cry.
Your twisted witch face
screaming down at me,
I took your life away.

I'm not the selfish bitch who couldn't close her legs.
I'm not the whore who fucked a degenerate,
then gave birth to his victim.

You whore! You even got jealous.
You glared and seethed at me
like I was taking your man,
so you beat me for any reason.
Then, for no reason at all.

Can I have dinner? Nope.
Got to have money to drink
tonight. Whore.
Can I have school money?
Sure, let me feel your light furry
pussy first. Let me see your
tiny tits. Degenerate, pervert, pedophile.

You both should have your skin
flayed from you.
You should hang upside down 
and have shit thrown at you.
Two evil pathetic creatures.
The only thing you could do
was fuck and drink.

You selfish twat.
You threw me in a pit
of poverty, disgrace and
to crawl out of myself;
to become someone
Yes, the hate just drips
from me like drool,
like the blood in my veins.
Salvation for me.
My hatred
only drips
on you.

by kmcfly

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