Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Mighty Nut

All I want is a nut
I don't want no car, no clothes, no rings
little of importance is all of those things
all i want is a nut

while you stand there looking at me with this stare in your eyes
the fact I want a nut should be no surprise
the way your chest is cut and firm is that butt
why wouldn't you think this girl wants a nut

at first you were down when I gave you that call
but now that you're here, you're looking too tall
your ass should be laying across this bed
with your mouth wide open as you're giving me head

you know why you're here so just cease with the playing
and take off those clothes because in this bed we should be laying
before you walk over just hit the light switch
then i'm gonna ride you like i'm driving a stick

now that were finished nothing more can be said
so roll your ass over and get out of my bed
i guess you feel used after I let you in these guts
but don't take it personal all I wanted was a nut.

by Robin Ware

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